We believe this is the only online training course which relates to the new Engineering Recommendations called G99/1-6, G98/1-2, G100/1-2 and we have now developed other courses like the introduction to the DNOs Witness Test Sheet and an introduction to the ALOMCP.

We have structured these courses so you can get all the required information without having to attend one of our 5 Day training courses.

We have used all the same information that we have developed while running these courses for 10 Years, so there will be no shortage of information and you will find everything you could ever need in our download area.

I hope you enjoy your time on our website and I look forward to meeting you online as the course proceeds.

Dave Pallas
Consultant and Training provider.

You can also purchase the full package of 5 Courses for a group price which will save you money.!

When you have signed in, you can view the "Free Knowledge Base" for all the top protection relays. Including ABB, Megacon, ComAp, Bender, and Deep Sea and others will be coming along very soon, making it a great database for Engineers.