We believe this is the only online training course which relates to the new Engineering Recommendations called G99/1-9, G98/1-3, G100/1-3, and we have now developed other courses like the introduction to the DNOs Witness Test Sheet, which is now much more demanding.

We are also please to announce that we have now launched several new sessions, including the long awaited Actual DNO Witness Test, where you can learn how to operate the testing equipment, used by many DNO Test engineers, to carry out the on-site DNO Witness tests.

And we now can offer a full and inclusive training course on G5/5 and within this section you can find the actual formulae for working out the Harmonics information required by any DNO Engineer.

We have structured these courses so you can get all the required information without having to attend one of our 5 Day training courses, but we do realise there will still be some clients who need extra guidance to achieve the DNO engineer testing standard, which is very high. So with this in mind we are ready to do one to one training sessions on Skype if it becomes necessary.

We have used all the same information that we have developed while running these courses for 15 Years, so there will be no shortage of information and you will find everything you could ever need in our download area.

We have been asked many times to upload the information required by all DNO's when you are asked to fill in a G99 connection application, and I'm sorry it has taken us so long, but now we have put together a full course, which if followed and understood, will take you all the way to getting a connection offer from your DNO.

Feedback from clients.

Good evening Dave,

Just thought I drop you an email following the completion of your online courses.
I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process.

All content, structure, and knowledge obtained will be invaluable moving forward in my career so, thank you for this.

I would be keen to know whether you would be uploading any further information relating to the intellipro or micom relays and additionally the use on other test instruments I.e. Megger Sverker 900 as this will likely be the investment choice of ours.

Hope you are keeping well and staying safe during these obscure times.
All the best (and thanks again)
HV Energy Solutions
"I would just like to thank the guys at G99 training, for the great online courses I am working through at the moment, this is a fantastic way to get training and Im so glad I signed up.
I am waiting for the next stage of my training which is, how I go about actually doing a full witness test, so great work and i'm waiting for the next instalment."

James Seller,
Remmer Electrical
We have now uploaded our first tutorial relating to Fault level and Head Room and how this can be calculated showing all formulae required.

Dave Pallas
Consultant and Training provider.

You can also purchase a group package of 6 Courses for a reduced price which will save you money.! This now includes how to understand the G5/5 Harmonic Engineering Recommendations.

When you have signed in, you can view the "Free Knowledge Base" for all the top protection relays. Including ABB, Megacon, ComAp, Bender, and Deep Sea and others will be coming along very soon, making it a great database for Engineers.