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G10 - G59 For ireland (Only)

This course shows the required information you would need if you are working in G10 - G59. We have used all the same information that we have developed while running these courses for 10 Years, so there will be no shortage of information and you will find everything you could ever need in our download area. I hope you enjoy your time on our website and I look forward to meeting you online as the course proceeds. Dave Pallas Consultant and Training provider.
  • ESB_May 2018_How to Connect for-Ireland.pdf
  • EREC_G99_NI 2019.pdf
  • ESB guidelines grid connection.pdf
  • ENI_Blank G59 Test Document 2019.pdf
  • How to fill in DNO Application Forms
  • Find your copy of G59/3-4 in this folder.
  • Distribution Code of Practice for the UK
  • Distribution Code for Northern Ireland
  • ALOMCP Rules.pdf
  • Applying for the Feed in Tariff.
  • ENA Guidesance.
  • Contact Details Of Most Suppliers and DNOs.
  • Galvanic Corrosion.doc
  • Galvanic Reaction Text.
  • _SAP_ Standard Assessment Procedure.
  • How to Calculating KVA
  • Voltage Fluctuations
  • Information on Rocof and Vector Shift
  • Electrical Flicker Information
  • Symmertry
  • Hysteresis
  • DC Injection New Text.
  • List of British Standards
  • Information on VARs
  • Handout on VARS.
  • Description of islanding
  • This is the G59_ 3.4 Test Sheet.
  • Wind Calculations.
  • Mains Protection by Comap Relay Power Point
  • Power Point on Daves Relay settings and how they work.
  • Good Start Harmonics Power Point
  • Harmonics Power Point
  • Relay Back Ground.Power Point
  • More Advanced Harmonics Power Point
  • Second Test with Audio Narrative
  • Third Test with Audio Narrative
  • Fourth Question and Audio Narrative
  • Fifth Question and Audio Narrative.
  • Sixth Question and Audio Narrative
  • Video on Basic Wave Form
  • Video on how Sine Waves are formed
  • Video on Basic Harmonics
  • Video on Harmonic Wave Forms
  • Video on Wave Forms
  • Could you answer these questions, this is the Exam after our Five Day Course.
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever