Test Machine Control (Level 2)

Full Witness Test Training (1)

We hope our banner will indicate to you that we are about to show you some magic … here at G99.training, we are doing the equivalent of breaking the magicians oath, that being, to never tell the secrets of the trick.

Now we are doing just that, as we have uploaded our fully explained G99/1-6 DNO witness test training session and this is the ONLY place you will ever find these secrets. All of the other test engineers stick to the magician’s code and they never tell you the tricks that get them through a Witness Test.

Now we have broken the rules and the information is here on this online training portal for all to see !

So this will be a great course for anyone who wants to know how to carry out a full DNO Witness test. It will also be very helpful for any student who has been on one of our training courses anytime in the last 12 Years.

Because like anything if you don’t practise something frequently you will forget, but now you have our online portal where you can get training on all the areas you may need updating on.

I hope you can spare some of your lockdown time to get you or your companies’ electrician up to speed with all things G99/1-6 and G98/1-2 and don’t forget good old G100/1-2.

And when you have been through the whole test sequence you can of course revisit any areas, that are not totally clear, and don't worry I have never seen anyone in the training we have done for well over 10 years get this test first time.

We are also going to support this training course with other areas of interest like how to achieve the dynamic tests every DNO Witness will want to see, as well as uploading many operational help videos on how to operate the actual relays you may be working with on site.
  • Please listen to this Audio before you start the training session.
  • View the Control Panel before Connection.
  • View the Control Panel After Connection
  • Control Panel connected and Ready to Test
  • Test Meter Connected and Ready to Test
  • Ready to Test Over Voltage Stage 2
  • Ready to Test Over Voltage Stage 1
  • Ready to Test Under Voltage
  • Testing Frequency Settings
  • Testing Loss of Mains Settings Part 1
  • Testing Loss of Mains Settings Part 2
  • Stability Test for ROCOF
  • Stability on Frequency Settings
  • Stability on Voltage Settings
  • Stability on Voltage Settings
  • Dynamic Tests Requested by DNO Witness
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed