Test Machine Control (Level 2)

How to use the Test Machine

This is the First of several training sessions within our training portal which has been developed for Clients who want to get a good understanding of how to use the Test machine, while supplying a DNO Witness with the details he or she needs to allow any SSEG to be connected to the National Grid System.

We have broken this information down into several small pieces of information, and we have supplied both a Narrative and a Video to aid your understanding, but we do need to make you aware that it is our belief, that you will still need our expert guidance before you invite a DNO Witness to see your first on site test.

We would also ask you to make sure you always have an up to date G99/1-6 test sheet with you while you are undertaking these sessions because they will help you understand what we are telling you about the test machine and how it needs to operate.

We will be supplying skype lectures and other forms of input to make sure you are not left unsupported during your early development. And when you are ready to either buy or rent a test machine we will do all we can to get you through your first tests, we will also be running training Days at our workshop as soon as we can get back to normal.

Please be aware that this training session, is a level two course and clients cannot use this level unless they have purchased a training course, which is relevant to the course on offer, so that would be either G99/1-6 or the full 5 Course package.

When you have been through this session on how to use the Test Machine, you should now be ready to go forward to the actual "Full Witness Test Training" where you get to see all the test's being set up and see how they are carried out.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy this course.
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  • Introduction to DVS 3 Mark 2
  • Controlling Voltage
  • Controlling Frequency
  • Controlling ROCOF
  • Controlling PF-F-PF
  • T&R DVS 3 Mark Manual
  • G99/1-6 test Sheet
  • Test before moving on.
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed