Free Relay Information Area

Free Information on Relays

We have uploaded a massive amount of information to this portal in relationship to the operation of all the leading protection relays and how they work, this information area will remain free to use.

You will find operational information on ABB, ComAp, Deepsea, Megacon, Woodward and we will be uploading other relay information when that comes in, and please remember that you must have a good working knowledge of the relays you are adjusting, because this is mentioned in the (ER) engineering Recommendations G99/1-6.
  • ABB cULus508_20170830-E140448.pdf
  • ABB CT-UFD.M33.M G99 - Data Sheet _ Type Test Report - 00836_190719104810.pdf
  • ABB CM-UFD.M33.M G99 - Declaration of Conformity - 00836_190719104733.pdf
  • ABB CM-UFD.M33.M - Installation instructions - 1SVC560512M0001.pdf
  • ABB CM-UFD.M33 G99 - Declaration of Conformity - 01097_190719104148.pdf
  • ABB CM-UFD.M33 G99 - Data Sheet _ Type Test Report -01097_190719104113.pdf
  • ABB CM-UFD.M33 - Installation instructions - 1SVC560512M0001.pdf
  • ABB 2CDC112282M0201_A_CM-UFD.M33M_EREC_G98G99_application_note.pdf
  • ABB 2CDC112277M0201_EN_A_Modbus_communication_setup_CM-UFD.M.M.pdf
  • Bender Protection Relay 1
  • Bender Protection Relay 2
  • Bender Relay 3 CEKO_VMD460_Rev-3.pdf
  • Bender Relay 4 VMD460-NA_D00001_Q_XXEN.pdf
  • MainsPro Globel Guide G99TT 2020
  • MainsPro G99TT 19_Declaration of Conformity 2020
  • MainsPro G99 Type Tested Engineering Recommendation G99 Form A2-4 2020
  • MainsPro G99 Globel Guide 2020
  • MainsPro G99 20_Declaration of Conformity 2020
  • MainsPro Fully Type Tested Engineering Recommendation G99TT Form A2-4 2020
  • MainsPro Datasheet Type Tested G99 2020
  • IPU Mains Protections 2018 NEW V1
  • ComAp Mains Protection Presentation 2013_revision PCLP
  • Megacon Datasheet_HPD1
  • Megacon HPD1 Flyer rev 1.1
  • Magacon Datasheet KCG597E-TT
  • Magacon Datasheet KCG598E-TT
  • Megacon Datasheet_KCG597E
  • Megacon Datasheet_KCG598E
  • Megacon KCG59x_Insert
  • Megacon KCG59x_Config Customer User manual
  • Megacon KCG59xTT_Config Customer User manual
  • Deep Sea DSE-Configuration-Suite-Software-Installation-Manual
  • Deep Sea DSEP100-Data-Sheet
  • Deep Sea DSEP100-Installation-Instructions
  • Deep Sea DSEP100-Operators-Manual (1)
  • Deep Sea DSEP100-PC-Software-Manual
  • InteliPro Datasheet G99 2019.pdf
  • InteliPro G99 Type Tested Engineering Recommendation G99 Form A2-4 2020.pdf
  • InteliPro-G99-Globa-guide-r1.pdf
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed