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Introduction to ALOMCP

If you have installed any SSEG (Small Scale Embedded Generator) which is controlled by any make of G59 Protection Relay, and that system was installed before February 2018, you will need to arrange an upgrade. If this is the case, you have a limited period of time to upgrade your Loss of Mains Protection, these upgrades have been activated by the changes under G99/1-6, which now requires the removal of Vector Shift to be replaced with ROCOF (Rate of Change of frequency). This introduction will give you a good understanding of what is involved and how you need to go about getting your SSEG registered to make your claim for payment.
  • Introduction to ALOMCP
  • Main Guide 1
  • Main Guide 2
  • Latest Q & As
  • Registering Multiple Sites
  • Registering a Single Site
  • Support Information
  • New G99 Test Sheet
  • Reasons for these Changes
  • Protection Techniques
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